Thursday, January 24, 2013

Give yourself a Pampering Massage

A massage is a treat that can completely relax and invigorate you. It also happens to be one of the most expensive personal treats that you can imagine. Don't worry, though. You can get a massage even if you cannot afford to eat much more than noodles. The perfect solution is to give yourself a massage. You can get one any time you need, and you spend only your own energy.

Start by breathing deeply. Relax yourself with breathing, and tune in to your body. Take mental notes on where you feel yourself holding tension.

Sit on the floor. You should sit on a carpet, rug or mat. Get in a position that is comfortable for you. You'll want easy access to most of your body, so sit with your legs crossed. You want to be able to touch your feet.

Take it one muscle group at a time. Start with your feet. Each foot has more than 7000 nerve endings. Your feet carry you around everywhere all day long. Take extra time to pamper them. Vibration, tension and motion are the three tools to use constantly in your self-massage.

 Start with pressure, then rub your feet strongly with the base of your palm. Massage until your feet are relaxed and in release.

Move on to the next muscle group in your body. Focus especially on the places you identified in Step 1 as holding tension.

Create tension in the areas of your body that are tight, then relieve those areas through kneading. Use friction to get muscle groups relaxed. Focus on how your very own body feels, and you can massage appropriately.

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