Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Did you know......

Certain aromas may help you lose weight, look better and more. So, take a whiff whenever you need a boost.

Mixed Florals- Help to finish a task quickly. The smell helps study subjects complete a series of 66 different cognitive test 17% faster than those who didn't sniff the scent.

Coffee- Makes fun times last. Volunteers who smelled coffee beans and were then asked to indicate when 60 seconds had passed waited, on average until the 1:35 mark to speak up.

Jasmine- Increases athletic ability. Women bowlers performed 26.5% better in the presence of this fragrance, according to one study. The reason, Jasmine is thought to reduce anxiety and increase mood, two factors that improve skilled behaviors.

Grapefruit- Makes you look better. Skip the Botox and spritz on a perfume with pink grapefruit to appear younger. People wearing mask infused with the aroma were asked to guess model's ages and underestimated by up to 8 years.

Banana, Peppermint or Green Apple- Stimulates weight lose. In a study of 3,193 people, a whiff of these scents helped subjects shed about 5 pounds a month, even though they made no changes to their diets or exercise routines.

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