Friday, December 2, 2011

Lavender Ornament

1 cup of dried lavender buds
12 - 18 inches of your choice of ribbon
1 straight pin
White craft glue
Small bowl
1. Fill bowl with lavender buds.
2. Hold ball between two fingers and squeeze a layer of glue into an approximately 1 inch area.
3. Using a paintbrush, spread the paint enough so that it is not dripping, being careful not to spread too thinly.
4. Roll and press the glue area into the bowl of lavender buds. Press firmly and roll back and forth, to get a thick coating of buds. Remember that some of these will fall off, so you want to add more than what you need for the final product.
5. Hold the ball again, and add more glue to another area.
6. Repeat these steps until the entire ball is covered with buds. Let it sit for 10 minutes for the glue to become tacky. This step will keep the most lavender buds in the glue.
7. Create a ribbon bow, with a long loop for hanging.
8. Place ribbon bow on the top of the ball, and pierce the knot with a pin. If you push the pin in at an angle, it will hold much better.

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