Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Plants that are natural pest repellents Part I

Fresh garlic planted in the vegetable garden repels aphids and Japanese beetles. Moles and mice will not eat your onions if you plant garlic among the onion plants.
Plant a clove of unpeeled garlic at regular intervals by pushing the large end of the clove into the dirt with the pointed end just under the surface of the soil.
When the garlic blooms, harvest the fresh garlic for household use and replant another clove for continuous protection.

Mint and Rosemary & Thyme
When planted in the vegetable or flower garden, discourage insects from laying eggs. The cabbage moth, in particular, will no longer be a problem.
Thyme plants repel cabbageworms. This is an herb as well; simply pinch some fresh leaves when desired for cooking.

Mint and Tansy
Tansy, an herb, keeps mosquitoes and beetles away. Plant tansy in the garden or in containers on the deck and windowsills. Achieve the same effect by planting tansy indoors.
Mint and tansy planted together keeps ants at bay. Plant these herbs indoors or out. Place the plants near a windowsill or an entrance that ants use.

Many gardeners use marigolds in the vegetable garden in addition to the flower garden to deter insects and bugs. Japanese beetles and nematodes will not be around to cause damage to your plants if marigolds are planted nearby.

I will be adding more info in differents parts!
Part II is up

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